Rum and cigar


Oil on Board, 8″ x 6″

Yes, as a Scot, this should really be whisky but I also enjoy a nice rum sometimes.  Like a Venezuelan Diplomatica Reserva, for example.  Sadly the rum in my glass today came not from Venezuela but from the ALDI around the corner.  Looks the part though and doesn’t taste too bad at all.

The cigar is a Don Tomas Nicaragua and is again something of a budget option compared to the well known Cuban brands such as Montecristo and Cohiba.

Nevertheless, both items made for a pleasingly luxurious little painting and which was fun to complete.

Rainy Buchanan Street

Rainy Buchanan Street, Glasgow

For those familiar with Glasgow, this is the view from the top of Buchanan Street looking down towards Argyll Street.

It had been raining heavily (surprise!) but when the sky unexpectedly brightened it had the effect of dazzling off the wet pavements.

I didn’t have any painting or sketching things with me, so a quick snap using my phone was all I could do to capture this fleeting moment.

Back at the studio, I was able to work it up into this small painting.