Bordeaux Bicycle Girl

There are lots of cycles, skateboards and electric scooters in Bordeaux.  I think they help make the city centre a surprisingly quiet and pleasant place.  Anyway, this painting is situated on a tram line not far from the big theatre.

For these small painting I use oil paint on primed hardboard.  In this particular case, I scrubbed in the underpainting very thinly and even the subsequent layers were thinly applied.  I was using fairly soft synthetic brushes, which I don’t normally like, but they seemed to work well in this case.  The paint went on very nicely, with barely any dilutant.  A nice surprise!

That was the summer …

Yes, I know that virtually nobody reads this blog (yet) and that is entirely down to me.  But for my own stuttering discipline, if nothing else, I thought I’d better write something.

Since my last post in May, a lot has happened (although that doesn’t excuse my lack of progress on the blog or website in general).

There has been school summer holidays, several trips to France, efforts to buy some French land and then get planning permission to build a cabin on it.  The result of which is I should be signing for my small part of south-west France in a couple of months (see below).

But all of the above is only tangentially related to art.

Speaking of which, I haven’t been completely idle.  Among other efforts there has been …

This somewhat-laboured-but-not-absolutely-terrible-Glasgow cityscape:

This much smaller and more satisfying painting from a trip to Bordeaux:

Plus quite a few still lives around autumn time, the best of which was this apple:

Plus a commission for a friend who is taking riding lessons:

Not to mention a bit of politics with this tribute to England’s precious prime minister:

On a more pleasing note, I sold a number of small painting to an art dealer, put aside a few more and will be participating in a winter sale of works at the Glasgow Buddhist Centre.

My stock of small paintings having been virtually exhausted, I am working on new subjects.  Alert readers may have noticed that I do not have a functioning online shop yet and this is something I must rectify once I have figured out what to sell.

Update complete!